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Excerpt From The True Nature Of Human Nature

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you first wake up?  “Hit the snooze button?” or perhaps it may be “What’s the weather like” when you look out the window?  If you are one of the millions that have standard working hours in first or second world countries, then this may be an accurate description of your waking moments.  However, if you are one of the many who resides in one of the war-torn areas of the world, your first thought, ascending into consciousness may be “I’m still alive!” or “Thank God for another day!”  How sad is it that the circumference of hostility for many is so vast and yet, so mobile!  How did humanity incur this hefty price of destructiveness?  Many think that it is the inevitable consequence of living with others.  Others see capitalism and other forms of economic faculties are to blame.  There are others, however, that view this as the imminent conclusion depicted in the holy writings of the main tomes of the Judeo-Christian deities.  What is the correct answer?  Does it matter?  If one believes in something that is true or not, does it influence the outcome in any way? If so, is the influence measurable?

In order to emancipate our thoughts from beliefs moving forward, we need to reference the quantifiable exclusively, so there are a few things that need to be discussed before we depart on our guided thought experiment.  There are very few original ideas in this book.  There are very few original thoughts in general available to the extant populace due to the amount of time the information age has been operating.  However, my goal is to accrete these ideas into one general use pill for everyone’s inoculation.  This world needs it.  Regardless of the pushback I may receive from this publication; I find it my fiduciary duty to humanity to discharge these arcane falsehoods and myths so that human beings, the great apes of this populace (said with no malice), can come to educated conclusions.  No longer should Homo sapiens be yoked to such superstitious tomfoolery.  We all need to understand the origins of religion, why was religion necessary during humanities infancy, what purpose did it fulfill, is it still necessary but more importantly, is it true?  I’m going to spoil the ending of this book and tell you that God, whether in the Judeo-Christian, Islamic, Hindu or other archaic format does not exist.  It is a fundamental lie that is being taught to many at an early age, a form of Spartan child rearing, an austere way of living and should be viewed as a major form of child abuse, which has been a view from some educators for some time.  Christianization has shown us through example that it was either feast or famine during the Dark Ages and Classical Antiquity.  The pantheon of Catholicism and its deviant lords sought out the deserving, by force and disposed of the perceived spiritually defective, thus bringing rise to more apocalyptic beasts, namely Islam.  But this should insult no one.  Let us remember that it was the prophecies of Judaism that formed the basic tenants of Christianity.  Cats do not breed dogs.  They breed more of their same kind.  In this same reasoning, monsters give birth to more monsters.


  1. Looking forward to your book. I read your post (excerpt) on empowered JW. It is very helpful to all of us to see how others have successfully broken free and live a life that is happy, peaceful, empowered. Thank you for your contribution to helping me and others through this journey!

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  2. “ …newly born children are innately and automatically evil”
    I don’t agree that this is what being born in sin means. It doesn’t mean our intentions are evil or that a newborn child is evil. It just means that we are not perfect in physical body or mind. Sin is death, without sin, no death. When perfect, we could still be evil and choose that, have that intention.


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